Using human rights law to progress alcohol control

By Clare Slattery
European Journal of Risk Regulation

July 2020
Journal article

Public health, intellectual property, and the trade and investment law challenges to Australia and Uruguay’s tobacco packaging laws

By Suzanne Zhou and Jonathan Liberman
In The Australian Year Book of International Law Online

June 2020
Book chapter

The politics of food in the Pacific: coherence and tension in regional policies on nutrition, the food environment and non-communicable diseases

By Rebecca Dodd, Erica Reeve, Emalie Sparks, Anita George, Paula Vivili, Si Thu Win Tin, Dai Buresova, Jacqui Webster and Anne-Marie Thow
Public Health Nutrition

September 2019
Journal article

The impact of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in defending legal challenges to tobacco control measures

By Suzanne Zhou, Jonathan Liberman and Evita Ricafort
BMJ Tobacco Control

June 2019
Journal article

The global tobacco epidemic and the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control—the contributions of the WHO’s first convention to global health law and governance

By Suzanne Zhou and Jonathan Liberman 
In Research Handbook on Global Health Law
Edward Elgar Publishing
November 2018
Book chapter

A global public health victory for tobacco plain-packaging laws in Australia

By Suzanne Zhou and Melanie Wakefield
JAMA Internal Medicine
November 2018
Journal article

Community knowledge of law at the end of life: availability and accessibility of web-based resources

By Ben White, Lindy Willmott, Cheryl Tilse, Jill Wilson, Deborah Lawson, Angela Pearce, Jeffrey Dunn, Joanne F Aitken, Rachel Feeney, Stephanie Jowett
Australian Health Review
June 2018
Journal article

Using webinars for the education of health professionals and people affected by cancer: Processes and evaluation

By Megan Chiswell, Annika Smissen, Anna Ugalde, Deborah Lawson, Rachel Whiffen, Sonia Brockington and Anna Boltong
Journal of Cancer Education
June 2018
Journal article

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