Farewell to our Regional Manager for Asia, Evita Ricafort

Thursday 9 March, 2023

It's with mixed feelings that we farewell Evita Ricafort from the McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer team.

Evita, who has been with the McCabe Centre for almost eight years, has taken up a new position working in the legal team at the Secretariat for the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

Director Hayley Jones said Evita had made an tremendous contribution to the McCabe Centre's work. 

"Evita has provided outstanding support to alumni throughout Asia and beyond, and has enriched our trainings with her practical approach and deep understanding of legal issues in cancer prevention and control," Hayley said.

"Her knowledge of the region is impressive, as is her ability to bring together colleagues to facilitate change and improve health outcomes and opportunities. 

"Evita has represented the McCabe Centre at a regional level, but also at international conferences and events, shining an important light on the progress being made in cancer prevention and control across Asia. 

"She's truly dedicated to making change for the better, and while we will miss her, we wish her every success in her new role."

Expressions of interest for the Regional Manager for Asia role are now open - please read the linked position decription if you are interested in this role.

We are seeking a consultant to be the McCabe Centre’s Regional Manager for Asia, covering countries in WHO’s South-East Asian and Western Pacific Regions other than Pacific countries.

Please contact the McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer for more information. 


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Farewell to our Regional Manager for Asia, Evita Ricafort

It's with mixed feelings that we farewell Evita Ricafort from the McCabe Centre team.
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