Animated video: How can law stop cancer?

Monday 2 August, 2021

Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) like cancer cause seven out of every 10 deaths worldwide, and stop millions of others from enjoying healthy and prosperous lives.

Thankfully, governments and other organisations are working on solutions. And one of the most effective and affordable options is the law.

Laws influence all aspects of our lives. They shape how we work, shop, eat and visit our doctor, and in doing so, they can reduce our chances of getting sick, dying, or having our lives turned upside down by a chronic disease.

But how exactly can law stop cancer and other NCDs?

Our new animated video explains through the story of Li, her family and her country.

Help us spread the word

In addition to the video, we also created a series of graphics to showcase some key ways that law can stop cancer and other NCDs. We hope these can help spread the word about the power of law to improve public health and save lives.

Find out more about how law can stop cancer by visiting our Law and Cancer page  and subscribing to our newsletter .

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